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Chile: The best adventure tourism destination in the world.

Best Hiking trails near to Santiago Chile

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The capital of Chile is surrounded by the longest continental mountain range in the World, the Andes Mountains. Volcanic, breath taking and Alive with Energy, you will not be disappointed with our Journey under the towering peaks of the Andes mountains.


These majestic mountains offer endless activities to enjoy: starting with 1000’s of paths to hike, glaciers that you can touch, relaxation near the roaring rivers, bird watching, tracking the flight path of the Andean Condor, soaking in the Volcanic Springs and so much more.


There are trails for all types of visitors, from those who seek to challenge themselves, reaching heights above 5,000 meters and easier strolls for those who wish to meditate in the mountain and simply disconnect.

Cajón del Maipo

One of the most recognized destinations for hiking and mountain admiration is the famous Cajón del Maipo. Located just 40 minutes from downtown Santiago, it is the perfect playground for GeoTrekking to start sharing the canyon’s wonders.  From the beginning of the valley to its end, it offers you attractive routes for hiking and trekking.


In the small town of Canelo (entrance of the Cajon del Maipo) there is a path covered with sclerophyllous and an evergreen forest that takes you
to the Pozas del Canelo’s fresh, crystalline and very virgin waters.

At the height of the Manzano, another one of the many towns of the Cajon del Maipo, the mountain walls offer the perfect conditions for you to experience rock climbing.


Here you can not miss wading into the Estero El Manzano, very soothing  because in many areas it allows swimming to cool the body.


The most famous route for walking here is the one known as Cuevas del Manzano, the Toba rock caves are characterized by their color, which can vary from a gray-black to a brown tone. Everything will depend on the composition that magma had before the eruption of a volcano.

 Higher in the valley, climb the scenic trail that borders the famous Maipo River, the main tributary of the Cajon del Maipo, and you reach a summit and our goal to visit the popular Mirador de Cóndores.  It undoubtedly lives up to its name given that you can marvel at the amazing Andean Condor glide on the heated winds of the Cajon del Maipo.

 The Must Do route that lies a little further east of the Mirador de Cóndores, brings you to the famous Blue Baths, a formation of warm water pools, composed of limestone rock which have different shades according to the brightness of the day.


As we continue along the Maipo River and turn to the Yeso River, you find the most popular of all destinations, the Yeso Reservoir, a reserve of fresh water of great importance for the inhabitants of Santiago, but that is not all that It offers the Yeso river valley.

Another 30 minutes more and you will be surprised by the Termas del Plomo and a gentle walk to the Laguna de Los Patos that you can not miss if you are already in the Termas del Plomo.


For the most daring, if you are an early riser, you can visit the Chile Argentina border. There is a marked path that allows you to reach  the Piuquenes Landmark, the same one that Charles Darwin walked on his visit to Chile.

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